personalized Space planning for optimum function and aesthetics

custom product manufacturing and deilivery

custom installation and warranty service after the sale

     Our full range of services starts with our comprehensive needs assessment and design consultation with one of our qualified designers. Sensitivity to taste and budget always play a large part to determine the proper and most effective product and design solutions. 


     We begin the process by getting to know your goals and needs as well as preferred tastes, followed by a preliminary conceptual computer  rendering of the space.  This gives each customer a feel for how the space will look and function.  Once some agreement on the direction of the design is achieved, actual field measurements are taken and incorporated into the design to provide accurate pricing and product data.  Changes are often made to fine tune the design before final authorization is given by the customer. 


     Each step is meticulously reviewed for completeness and accuracy to ensure that there are no surprises throughout the manufacturing or installation processes.

     Once full agreement has been established on all details, production begins.  In many cases, products are manufactured right in our own plant.  In other cases, products are ordered in from outside vendors.  All outside vendors are thoroughly researched and products tested to maintain our high standards of quality, so that we can guarantee the satisfaction of each customer.  No other cabinet company in the area has the broad range of price points, product offering, or custom capabilities that we have at Busy Bee Cabinets.


    When products are manufactured and complete, delivery to the job takes place.  We only deliver with our own trucks, with company employees, assuring that proper care is taken in transporting the product, as well as respecting the time, space and property of our customers.


Busy Bee Cabinets also manufactures products unrelated to traditional cabinetry by contract specification.  Our factory is state-of-the-art CNC equipped and can handle a wide range of product needs on an ongoing basis.

     Our products can be made for customer installation, however, most cabinet jobs are sold inclusive of installation services.  This is a crucial part of the overall process.  We only use company employees to install our product.  This ensures that each job is done meticulously and skillfully, without wasted time and effort that can cause delays.  Our installers have decades of experience and only work with our products.  Complications in the field require skilled, experienced hands to solve problems quickly and effectively when they arise.


     Each of our lines of cabinetry carries its own warranty which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  If warranty issues come up down the road, we are happy to assist in resolving these issues in a responsive manner. 


     Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and Busy Bee has spent over 30 years building the best reputation in the area... one that our customers can count on.